Monday, July 25, 2011

Coconut-Mango Popsicles

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Last week was hot. Like insanely hot. I like the warm weather since I'm always cold but last week was awful, even for me. So I made popsicles. I've been on sort of a coconut kick lately so I took this recipe from Simple Bites and tweaked it a bit to make it fit what I wanted. I love coconut and mango together. Whenever I go to this awesome gelato place in the city, I usually get half coconut half mango when everyone else is getting chocolate or pistachio (one of their best, I must admit!).

I started out by cutting up the mangoes and placing them in the food processor:
However, when I added the coconut, I underestimated how much liquid would be going into the processor and it ended up leaking everywhere because I was over the "liquid max fill line". I had doubled the recipe but even if I had been using half I would have still of been way over.

So after I cleaned up my little mess, I used a bowl keep everything until it was ready to be processed.
I must admit, I was a little worried that the coconut would be overpowering in flavor given that I was using coconut milk, coconut water AND coconut cream but I think it ended up okay in the end. I added lime juice for an added kick as well and that turned out to be a good call.
After I processed the mangoes and coconut, I poured them into these adorable Dixie cups I found at Target.

Now it has to be said that I used light coconut milk for half of these and the flavor wasn't as sweet as the other half. I just added a little more coconut cream and it seemed to help a bit in terms of flavor but they still weren't the same. If you choose to use light coconut milk, I would recommend using a bit of Splenda just to sweeten it up a tad. I would add the Splenda a tablespoon at a time until you get the desired flavor.

I had some left over sticks from the cheesecake pops so I just used those instead of buying the wooden popsicle sticks. I cut out foil squares and placed them over the cups in order to keep the sticks standing up straight. They went a little wonky but I wasn't going to sit there and make sure they were all perfectly lined up.
And a view from inside my (newly cleaned out) freezer...
I'm not sure exactly how many I made but they were perfect for the 100 degree weather. I didn't have to put the oven on. That just didn't seem right in the heat. It's much cooler today now that it rained but apparently it's supposed to go back up to 100 by Friday. Hopefully my air conditioner won't die on me. It has enough trouble keeping up when the temperature hits 100!

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